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Why install CraftPix?

Advantages of digital printing with CraftPix

InkJet Printer offers speedy digital process of printing legend, etch-resist, and solder resist inks. Film and stencil can now be completely removed from the factory, and years of training highly skilled worker is no longer necessary.

Legend Printing

Fine legend printing is now possible with digitalized process

Current Process / Digital Process

Screen is no longer needed since all print data can be saved to CraftPix. Small and last minuets revisions on print data can be corresponded more flexibly to help increase the opportunity. Unique warpage and distortion on the print board can be digitally corrected.

Soldermask Image

Accurate openings on QFP and fine pitch are now accomplished with CraftPix

Current Process / Digital Process

CraftPix directly prints solder resist onto the panel, eliminating stencil and mask photo tool preparation setup. Accurate openings on QFP and fine pitch are now easily accomplished.

Etch Resist

Environment friendly production without dry film, mask film, ruminator, exposure machine, and even development process is now available.

Current Process / Digital Process

CraftPix directly prints Etch Resist Ink on process panels. Production cycle time and cost is dramatically reduced by eliminating dry film, laminator, LDI, exposure units, developers, labor, and associated operating costs. Furthermore process digitalization minimize the positional distortion caused by misallocation of films. MicroCraft is supporting using Etch Resist Ink on Printed Circuit Board, Metal Etching, Nameplate and Graphical Metal Markets.


Etching nameplate and marking name plate printing can be done with CraftPix too!

Current Process / Digital Process

CraftPix prints etch resist ink directly onto the metal substrate such as aluminum and stainless steel; and it is also capable of applying ink into cavity fill once the printing process is completed. High quality printing and durability are some of its leading characteristics. Additionally, marking ink can also be directly printed onto the metal substrate with its notable characteristic of quick turn and low cost.