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Advanced CraftPix Features

CraftPix advanced features allow higher performance, accuracy and additional capabilities not achievable with traditional PCB printing methods.

Serialization and Barcode printing

Serialization and Bar-codeYou can now easily add date, lot code, barcode and serial number to production panels, individual PCBs, test coupons, and other products. This will allow your customers traceability which is just another added value the CraftPix offers. Your choice of man readable, code 39 and matrix barcodes are available.

2D barcode reader2D barcode printable with CraftPix series
CraftPix series can print three types of codes: Data Matrix, QR codes and micro QR codes. The area required for printing depends on the number of characters. If printing with CraftPix series, recognition is possible when printed in the same sizes or larger as shown in the table on the right. While the recognition can be done with a 2D barcode reader, it can also be done with the code reading application installed on a cellphone or smartphone.

Necessary printing area size according to number of characters
2D barcodeExampleNumber of Characters
Data Matrix
Data Matrix(square)0.079
Data Matrix
Data Matrix(rectangle)0.18x0.047"
QR CodeQR Code0.12"
Micro QR CodeMicro QR Code0.087"
Auto alignment

Auto alignmentWith multiple alignment features available, you can choose from 1 to 4 alignment points. X,Y and theta rotation are measured and data is rasterized for precise image printing. Furthermore, each separate or single-image piece can be aligned with “Piece Alignment”.
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Gapless Mode Setting Function

Gapless Mode Setting FunctionCraftPix series uses approximately 72mm wide print head module therefore, printing is carried out by dividing the image into 72mm-wide areas from the top. At this time, the border between two divided areas may appear as a subtle line. Normally, this line at the border of the strip is not very apparent; however, depending on the image printed, it may become apparent such as in a logo or solid area. In that case, Gapless Mode function can be used in order for CraftPix to avoid dividing images or showing of such a line at certain areas.
* Cannot be for area over 72mm

Automated X-Out Printing (Print only good boards)

Automated X-Out PrintingIntegrating test data with CraftPix allows you to print nomenclature only on GOOD PCBs and correctly mark the BAD PCBs. Additionally, you can serialize, barcode and test stamp good images only. This reduces the possibility of bad PCBs shipped to your customers.