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Extreme high accuracy testing was achieved by Type9 usage. E4S6151 corresponds to testing standard sized board with up to min. pad size of 15µm and min. pad pitch of 45µm. Whereas E4S3325 is specifically designed for testing package boards like general CSP and Flip-Chip with up to min. pad size of 10µm and min. pad pitch of 40µm.

Specifications (E4S6151/E4S3325)
Max. Test Area24 x 20" (610x510mm) / 13 x 9.8" (330x250mm)
Number of Probes2 Front, 2 Rear
Min. Board Size 2.4 x 2.6" (60x65mm) / 1.6 x 1.4" (40x35mm)
Max. Board Thickness for Clamping0.354" (9mm)
Untestable Area1mm from edge of clamp area *1
Repeatable Accuracy±0.08mil (±2µm) / ±0.08mil (±1µm)
Resolution0.04mil (1µm) / 0.04mil (1µm)
Min. Pad Pitch *21.8mil (45µm) / 1.6mil (40µm)
Min. Pad Size *30.6mil (15µm) / 0.4mil (10µm)
Test Voltage of Resistance MeasurementContinuity test: 0-10V
Isolation test: 250V(500V/1000V option)
Test Current of Resistance MeasurementContinuity test: 2.5µA-150mA
Clamp SystemPneumatic
CCD Camera2 Front, 2 Rear
Air RequirementsPressure: 0.5MPa, Consumption: 0.12ft³/min.(3.5ℓ/min.)
Power Supply *410A (Single Phase AC200-240V 50/60Hz)
Weight2535lbs. (1150kg) / 2645lbs. (1200kg)
*1With needle probes. Value shall change when other probes are used.
*2With T98MC-PB-0R80 probe.
*3With T98MC-PB-0B00 probe.
*4Power Supply: There may be cases with inrush current equaling to 10 times of the rated and flowing when the power is turned ON. Please choose the breaker that will not cause any malfunction by such inrush current.
System Requirements
System Requirements1) Control PC & Monitor
2) PC & Monitor for Test Data Editing.
1) and 2) can be completed in one PC.
* Please inquire our sales for PC specification.
Probe TypeUsers can choose one of different types of probes depending on tester models. Please ask our sales for specifications of each probe & PC.
SoftwareEMMA2010 for Control PC is included,
but all other software is optional (supporting OS are
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10).
Operating Conditions· 70-75°F (21-24°C), 30-70% relative humidity
Do not use under the environment that has heavy condensing, dust, vibration, and/or corrosive gas.
· Atmospheric Dew Point: -14°C or below (at 0.7Mpa, dew point is 15°C or below)
· Oil Mist Concentration: 1mg/㎥ (ANR) or below